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Meathead Hippie Podcast #84: Don't Overthink It

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A preview of the mindset podcast series that comes with the new Don't Overthink It program.


Content Summary:

[5:30] Mindset podcast with music

[6:02] Where do you feel it and assessing what it means

"What happened in that day, in that hour, in the last 15 minutes that all of a sudden that switched for you and it's coming up really strong?"

[7:00] Developing self-love

"As my self-love grows, so does my intuition."

[9:13] You must change it within yourself

"Get out of your head and into your body"

[10:53] Let it go & the power of reciting a mantra 

“It doesn't just happen overnight. It is a work in progress no matter what level you are.”

[12:30] Sitting in the shit & breaking the cycle



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