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Meathead Hippie Radio: #31 Alex Swanson of Nutrition Genome on Gene Testing

#31 Alex Swanson on Nutrition Genome, Genetics, and Sports Performance






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Alex Swanson is the founder of Nutrition Genome, creator of, and the co-owner of Swanson Health Center. He is a second generation nutritionist with over 12 years of clinical experience, specializing in genetics, nutritional biochemistry, physical performance, mental health, and longevity research. Early in Alex's career, he worked as a sports nutritionist for high school, college, professional and Olympic athletes, and has specialized in genetic nutrition through the creation of his software Genetrition™. He has also worked as a personal trainer, private therapeutic chef, lecturer and consultant to numerous companies for product design and nutrition research. Alex received a post-bacc in Nutrition Sciences from Bastyr University in Washington state, a masters degree in Applied Nutrition and Business Entrepreneurship from Northeastern University, a Certificate in Methylation and Clinical Nutrigenomics, and a Certificate in Genetics and Genomics from Stanford University.


Listen to Alex and I's talk on how genes impact our stress HERE


Content Summary:

4:30 Nutrition Genome

  • “This was created with the understanding that we are all different”

7:43 History and Preventative Care

  • “Genes are not your destiny, they are your blueprint.”
  • Impacts the next four generations

9:44 The Simplicity of Deep Breathing

  • “When you look at just deep breathing, the amount of genes that are impacted is phenomenal.”

13:45 Caffeine: Slow Vs. Fast Metabolizers

  • Not all people utilize caffeine the same way
  • The connection to cortisol levels and adrenal fatigue

17:45 The Magic in Mushrooms

  • “They are essentially protecting you from biological, physical and psychological stressors. Mushrooms are just trying to help your body find your center.”

20:52 The Muscle Strength Gene

23:46 The Aerobic Performance Gene

  • Determines how well people are equipped for endurance-type exercises

26:20 The  Muscle Injury/Muscle Recovery Gene

  • “95% of the population are more prone to injuries. The remaining 5% are the elite athletes who are much more resilient when it comes to muscle injuries.

27:47 Depression and Lack of Exposure to the Sun

  • The effects of vitamin D

37:00 Geographic Connection and Our Ability to Adapt

  • “Your whole family history is all culminated into what you are now in terms of your genes.”

39:13 Protein Vs. Fat Profiles

  • Figuring out if the keto diet is right for you

44:10 Neurotransmitters and Mental Health

  • The biochemical reason of why exercise brings a sense of balance to some people

51:50 The Gene Connected to Alzheimer's

  • Lion’s mane mushroom helps protect brain health