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Practical & durable EmPack effortlessly
goes where you do to make working out
simple, no matter your lifestyle.

The EMPACK answers the call. It’s about Evolving Motion. Changing the way we think about fitness and the equipment you’ve been stuck with for years. It’s the FIRST AND ONLY backpack designed to serve as a weight training pack. The water bladders allow you to add weight and incorporate it into your daily routine, replacing the need for constant upgrades in your equipment. It’s military-grade durability allows it to withstand serious wear and tear as well as Mother Nature. The EMPACK is about freeing your fitness so you can workout on your terms.

Let’s face it; working out can be tough. Where to do it, when to do it and of course the time to do it. Plus, there’s all the workout equipment, the travel and the thought of being stuck inside the gym. There is a need for a practical way to workout that fits every lifestyle.

The EMPACK is way more than just a fitness product.

It's an innovative way to do fitness - fun, out of the box, and evolved.

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My double sealed water bladders are extremely durable yet take no room in your EMPACK when not in use. Keep them filled and in your car ready to go. Keep them filled and in your own gym. Empty them, travel, and fill as needed! Hike up a mountain or sprint up the stairs with the added weight, but save your knees for when you come back down!


Each bladder holds 15 pounds of unstable weight, and the Pack holds 4 bladders total. This unstable weight that is shifting with you as you move makes the weight not only more challenging, but more effective.


The EMPACK was created to make working out seamless no matter where you go. From business trips to mountain hikes, it provides the flexibility and durability to go where life takes you.


This weight training pack was born out of the need for everyday people to get an everyday workout without all the equipment. Fit, form and function was key in its design. It fits smoothly to all body styles. The form is modern and stylish, and the function is flexible to meet your training needs. Its military-grade durability allows it to stand up to the toughest workouts and the harshest weather. The EMPACK was also designed with the versatility to go on the road, be kept in your car, or used at home.


Through lots of trial and error, time and money the EMPACK will be U.S. made in the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado.


The light bulb for the EMPACK came to me when I was at the CrossFit Games watching my girlfriend compete. I was stuck in a hotel with absolutely no gym, and I was desperate to workout. I didn't just want to do typical bodyweight movements, like air squats and burpees. I wanted to lift! So, I took a suitcase, stuffed it with everything remotely heavy in the hotel room, and I lifted. It was tough, I was sore, and it made me realize that I needed to create something that not only would allow for amazing, effective workouts wherever you were, but could help my clients easily increase weight as they got stronger without spending a fortune on equipment!